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A Tribute to the Wanderers

Updated: May 4, 2022

We all wander

Through the thistles and thorns

Hacking away at anything

That makes us feel


We want to belong


For this unity

Desiring the love

Of a creation

That is restless

With our presence

It marks our days

And in our slumber

We dream

For a time

When everything is still

We hope to find this rest

Each day we churn

Toward a moment

When we will matter

More for who we are

Then what others want us to become

We were told this path

Was chosen


As if that will ease the pain

Of our immediate need

To not remember

All the cuts

And lies

Brought forth in a time

That monetized my worth

And soul

Bring forth the harvest of empty bodies

To the altar of the infallible man

But yet

We know

That there is another side to this tale

One that cannot

Be bought by the hands of a system that believes

My soul is theirs

A sacred wilderness

And all that enter

Will be found



And made whole

by: Jay Coile

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