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June 2023 Update

A lot has happened since our last blog post. We are pushing forward with the recommendations that Pellucid Consulting made in our assessment report. Our Executive Director has researched many trainings that would be beneficial to our team. She landed on partnering with the organization Non-Profit Ready which provides all types of training for non-profit organizations. She has currently completed the following trainings (and all current members of our team will be completing the same): Diversity & Inclusion- Lead the Change and Support an Inclusive Culture. Both of the training sessions are to teach our team about understanding our biases, recognizing our power and providing an inclusive environment for all people we encounter at Sacred Wilderness. We will continue to have ongoing training in the future as well in DEI and other areas.

All team members will also be taking portions of the Implicit Association Test provided by Harvard’s organization called Project Implicit. This will further help us understand what biases we have today and how to identify them and work towards our goal of being a more inclusive organization.

This July and August, we are focusing on brainstorming what we really want our Advisory Board to look like and will be moving forward with expanding our board with diverse people and voices. Our goal is to have our new Board in place in early September.

Lastly, attached is our May 2023 financial statement for all who would like to view it.

StatementofActivity May 2023
Download PDF • 29KB

Thank you for your support during this time.

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