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The team at Bodies Behind the Bus has diligently worked to center the voices of abuse survivors and whistleblowers out of various evangelical spaces for the entirety of our time as a podcast. We affirm the voices who have spoken up before us that have drawn attention to the disproportionate cost that women and members of the BIPOC community have carried to speak the truth about the harms that are happening within evangelical spaces. Whenever someone finds the courage to sound the alarm it comes at a great cost to them, their families, and their communities. We full-heartedly stand in solidarity with those who have trusted us to help them shine a light on the darkness. These voices are necessary to the health and well-being of the Church, and we commend their bravery. 

When stories are released, it is common for people to want to quickly assign a target for their outrage. Tomorrow, we will release a story that reveals a hard truth about a popular Texas church and the implications that their systemic mishandling of abuse has had on an international network of churches. We are requesting on behalf of survivors and whistleblowers everywhere that any journalists or advocates who choose to cover this story would remember the humans who are paying the cost to speak out and the unknown survivor(s) who stand at the center of this controversy. We ask that the community as a whole be thoughtful and nuanced as they engage the story and that we all stretch our ability to hold multiple things in tension at once. 

With love, care, empathy, and a fiery passion for Image bearers,

The BBTB team

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