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A non profit dedicated to walking with spiritual abuse survivors through the wilderness. We exist to provide healthy resources and funding for care for those who have been spiritually abused within their church or faith setting. Currently our donations are providing spiritual abuse survivors with safe support groups, spiritual care with a healthy soul care provider and trauma informed therapy.

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Sacred Wilderness was started by a team of individuals who saw a deep need for healing for those who had been spiritually abused by the church. In 2021, they started a podcast that focused on telling the stories of church abuse survivors. They were immediately saddened and overwhelmed at the amount of people reaching out with their own abuse stories and hurt. These people were often so broken and scared to speak out in fear that no one would believe them. Sacred Wilderness was quickly formed as a way to help these abuse survivors. Our funds go towards helping them continue to tell their stories through various platforms, connecting them with a healthy, supportive community and covering the costs for healthy spiritual triage care and therapy.



Our mission is to help church abuse survivors pursue healing and rehabilitation through sharing their stories, fostering healthy collaborative communities and connecting them to a safe network of care providers.


Our vision is to facilitate restorative healing in all people who have been abused by the church.


*We will believe those who have been abused by the church.
*We will strive to do what is right in all situations.
*We will always try to bring truth from darkness to light.
*We will work with honesty and integrity.
*We will provide appropriate resources to the best of our ability to aid in the healing process of the abused.

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Sacred Wilderness is 100% run on donations. We need your financial partnership to help support spiritual abuse survivors. We would be honored if you would come alongside us and give today. Your money directly helps provide these brave souls with proper resources for true healing. Currently we offer and provide funding for safe support groups, healthy spiritual soul care and trauma informed therapy.

We are a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit and all of your donations are tax deductible.

Click on DONATE TODAY below to give or use the form below.

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We are 100% run on donations, and your donations go directly towards providing the resources for those that have been victims of church abuse.

With your financial help, we are able to provide victims with healthy and safe resources for care. Some of the things we provide are funding for safe support groups, healthy spiritual soul care and trauma informed therapy.

We are a recognized 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax deductible.

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We are here for you.

Here at Sacred Wilderness, we are driven by a single goal; helping people heal from church abuse. If you feel you need resources to help facilitate your healing from spiritual abuse, please reach out through our contact section. We would love nothing more than to support you through healthy pastoral care and resources to help you heal.

You can submit through our CONTACT form below or email us at

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"Offer up your grief. It is holy incense. Offer it in silence. Voice it in protest. Name the betrayals. Honor what was stolen-in the company of others who will walk in the barren places with you."

Ryan Ramsey @rramseywrites

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